The steamer Cote d`Argent was laid down in Le Havre in France, and was launched in 1932. She did service as a ferry between France and England. After the German invasion of France in May 1940, she was confiscated by the Kriegsmarine and renamed to Ostmark. She was after a fire rebuilt and outfitted with a 105mm and 40mm AA cannons. In January 1945 she was ordered to evacuate refugees from Pillau, before she was sailed to Denmark. 19. April 1945 she left  Kristiansted together with the steamer Lothringen with course for Copenhagen. At night 21.April they were attacked by five British airplanes. Ostmark was hit by two bombs, where one hit her mid ship, and another exploded in the ammunition room. She developed a critical listing and shortly after the crew had to abandon ship. The wreck rest today on a depth of 31 to 42 meter west of Halmstad.

Former names:
Cote d`Argent 103,0 x 13,7 x 3,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3047 grt Le Havre ( F ) 1932 Le Havre ( F )

GPS (ED50): D 56:37,911 12:16,078 
( Source: Vragguiden )

Last updated: November 2018