HMS Pathfinder


HMS Pathfinder was a Scout cruiser laid down by Camell Laird in Scotland in August 1903. She was launched in July 1904 and was commissioned the year after. She was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet and at the outbreak of world war one she was stationed in Rosyth as part of 8th Destroyer Flotilla. She got the doubtful honor of being the first warship in history to be sunk by a self-propelled torpedo 5. September 1914. The German uboat U-21 under command of Otto Hersing spotted the cruiser and torpedoed her outside St Abb's Head. She was hit in the forward ammunition storage and sank within a few minutes, taking 259 men with her down in the deep. The wreck rest today on a depth of 54 to 68 meter northeast of St Abbs Head.

Former names:
HMS Pathfinder

370,0 x 38,9 x 15,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2940 grt
Birkenhead ( UK )1904
Rosyth ( UK )

GPS ( WGS84 ): 56°07.593’N, 002°10.048’W
( Source: Scottish Shipwrecks )

Picture: HMS Pathfinder
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