HMS Port Napier - M 32


Port Napier was a refrigerated cargo freighter laid down by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson in Newcastle in 1939. She was launched in June 1940, and was immediately taken over by the Royal Navy and completed as a minelayer. She was assigned to1.Minelaying Squadron. When loading munitions a fire broke out 27.November 1940, and as grave danger as she was, she was towed across the channel to a remote bay where she was abandoned. Some time later a huge explosion ripped the bridge section of and she was written of as a total loss. In 1955 the Royal Navy cut part of her port side opened and removed or demolished the remains of her dangerous cargo. Wreck debris is visible on the surface, and the rest of the wreck rest on her starboard side down to a depth of 23 meter at Loch Alsh.

Former names:
HMS Port Napier
Port Napier, M 32
152,0 x 21,0 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
9847 grt Newcastle ( UK ) 1940 London ( UK )

57°15'58.8"N 5°41'10.8"W

A ship after launch, believed to be Port Napier
Courtesy of Deep Blue Diver

Last updated: December 2020