T-33 ( ex Prezidentas Smetona )

Estonia,Baltic Sea

SMS M-59 was a minsweeper laid down by Deschimag Werk Seebeck in Bremerhaven, and was launched in October 1917 for the German Kaiserlische Marine. Ten years later she was sold to Lithuania, and was the only navy vessel in the country until 1940. After the Soviet occupation in June 1940 she was confiscated and put in service under the name Pirmunas, and later as Coral. She was modified in 1944 and was again renamed to T-33 under put under command of the Soviet Navy. Under a journey from Helsinki to Talinn she went down in the deep 11.January 1945, for reasons unknown The cause is still debated by historians, but most likely she hit a mine. The wreck rest today outside the island Aegna.

Former names:
SMS M 59, Prezidentas Smetona, Pirmunas, Koral
194,7 x 24,3 x 7,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
586 displ
Bremerhaven ( D ) 1917
Sventoji ( LT )

Picture: Prezidentas Smetona
Courtesy of Dengaz Upe, Public domain

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