Princess Victoria


Princess Victoria was a Ro-Ro car ferry laid down by William Denny & Brothers in Dumbarton, and was launched in August 1946 for the British Transport Commission in London. She was completed the year after, and operated the route between Stanraer to Larne, and was in 1948 sold to British Railways. Under a journey from Stanraer with general cargo and 178 people on board, she sailed into a gale and developed a leak 31. January 1953. The water flooded the ship and she capsized and sank outside Copeland Islands. 128 people lost their lives in the accident. The wreck was found in 1992, and rest today on a depth of 80 to 98 meter about 4,5 nautical miles northeast of Copeland Islands.

Former names:
Princess Victoria

309,8 x 48,0 x 16,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2694 grt
Dumbarton ( UK ) 1946
Stanraer ( UK )

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