HMS Pylades


The minesweeper J 401 was laid down in Savannah in January 1943 and was launched six months later. She was an AUK class minesweeper that measured 890 gross tons and stood ready for service in November 1943 after she was sent over to England under the Lend Lease agreement. Under Royal Navy command she was named HMS Pylades. She was sunk by a torpedo launched from a German midget submarine type outside Juno Beach in Normandy 8.July 1944 while she gave support to the British and Canadian forces. The wreck rest on a depth of 20 to 27 meter north of Quistreham.

Former names:
HMS Pylades
J 401
221,0 x ? x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
890 grt
Savannah ( US ) 1943
( UK )

49º25'36"N, 00º15'04"W
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Picture: AUK class minesweeper
Called Catherine class in the Royal navy
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Picture: A captured midget submarine, type Biber
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