HMS Quorn


The British destroyer HMS Quorn was launched in March 1940, and was part of 21st Destroyer flotilla. She did service as escort for convoys and patrol duty. She was damaged two times during second world war by bombs and mines, and was part of the force that sunk the auxiliary cruiser Komet in December 1942. Under Operation Neptun in June 1944 she participated with escorting Allied troop transports under the invasion of France. 3.December 1944 she laid outside Le Havre when they were attacked by a German Ladungschnellbott Linse ( Linse sprengboot ) and was hit midships. She broke in two parts and quickly sank together with 126 crew members. The wreck is officially not been found, but some unverified sources state that the wreck rest on a depth of 20 meter outside the French city of Le Havre.

Former names:
HMS Quorn
L 66
278,0 x 28,1 x 10,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1000 displ
Cowes ( UK ) 10940
Harwich ( UK )

49° 28', 0000 N 000° 12', 0000 W
( Source: Archeosousmarine )

Picture: HMS Quorn ( L 66 )
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