Finland,Baltic Sea

Riilahti was a Finnish mine layer in the Ruotsinsalmi class that was built in Turku and launched in December 1940. She had an active service in second world war with minelaying,patrols and participated in the battle at Someri in July 1942 where she provided fire support for the hard pressed infantry. She came in contact with Soviet boats in the bay of Finland 23.August 1943 and was sunk by the torpedo boat MTB TK 94. The wreck rest today five nautical miles outside the small island of Tiiskeri on a depth of 70 meter.

Former names:

164,1 x 25,1 x 4,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
310 displ
Turku ( FI )
( FI )

Picture: Riilahti in 1942
National Museum, Public domain

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