Richard Montgomery


Richard Montgomery was a EC2-S--C1 type Liberty ship laid down at St.Johns River Shipbuilding Company in Jacksonville in March 1943, and was launched two months later. She left Philadelphia in early August 1944 loaded with 6127 tons of ammunition, with final destination Cherbourg in France. She arrived England to await new escorts, and was ordered to anchor outside Sheerness in the Thames Estuary. 20. August 1944 a strong gale forced her to drag the anchor and she ran aground outside Sheppey. Three days later an operation to remove the cargo started, and they succeeded in removing about a quarter before she sank in early September. Today the wreck rest on her keel broken in two parts on depth 15 meter. Her three masts are still visible on the surface The wreck is considered to be dangerous and is surveyed almost every year. The wreck site is marked in sea drafts as a dangerous area.

Former names:
Richard Montgomery

439,5 x 55,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7176 grt
Jacksonville ( US) 1943
Washington ( US )

51° 27′ 57″ N, 0° 47′ 12″ E

Picture: Liberty ship Edwin L Drake
Courtesy of Armed Guard

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