HMS Roedan

Orkney Islands,Europe

The steamer HMS Roedan disappeared in the deep after she sailed on a mine 13.January 1915 at the entrance to Long Hope in Scapa Flow. She was originally built under the name TSS Roebuck for Great Western Railway in 1897, but was after the outbreak of first world war requisitioned by Royal Navy and rebuilt to a minesweeper. But the service for Royal Navy was short lived, and only a few months after the ship was put in service as a minesweeper, she hit a mine and sank. The remains rest on a depth of 10 to 15 meter at the entrance to Long Hope, at the southern tip of the island Hoy. The wreck was demolished in 1953 and its only scattered remains left of her.

Former names:
HMS Roedan
TSS Roebuck 280,0 x 34,4 x 16,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1094 grt Barrow in Furness ( UK ) 1897  ( UK )

58°48'46" N   3°9'42" W
( Source: Wikimapia )

Picture: Roebuck
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