Rusalka was a monitor built for the Imperial Russian Navy in St. Petersburg, and was launched in 1867. She had a rather straightforward and mundane career in the Imperial Navy. Under a journey from Reval in Estonia to Helsingfors in Finland, she disappeared under a storm with all hands lost 7. September 1893. The wreck was found in July 2003 by the Mare research vessel on a depth of 33 to 74 meter in open waters, thirteen nautical miles south of Helsinki. As a curiosity there are still a few monitors left in the world, like the SMS Leitha, Huascar in Peru and HNLMS Buffel in Rotterdam to mention a few. Or the submerged wrecks of HMAS Cerberus, USS Monitor and Monitor Thor .

Former names:
Rusalka - Русалка

206,0 x 42,0 x 12,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2100 displ St. Petersburg ( RU ) 1867 St. Petersburg ( RU )

Picture: Monitor Charodeika, sister ship of Rusalka
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