Barents Sea,Europe

The German battle cruiser Scharnhorst went down after a tough battle against Allied naval units 26. December 1943 in the Barents Sea. The battle is in history often referred to as the "Battle of Nordkapp" or the German naming of the battle "die Tragedie vor dem Nordkap". Only 36 men from Scharnhorst survived the battle. A large blame in why so few survived the sinking must be put in the hands of the Allied commanders who after the sinking pulled out of the area and left a large amount of Germans to freeze to their deaths in the cold water. Scharnhorst`s history is full of interesting details under war. Perhaps the most notable events were the sinking of the HMS Glorious 8.June 1940, the auxiliary cruiser Rawalpindi in November 1939 and the homecoming of Günther Prien after his brave mission after the sinking of HMS Royal Oak in October 1939. She also operated several times with her sister ship Gneisenau and other naval units in the northern waters. The wreck was found in September 2000, and rest today upside down on a depth of 290 meter some 65 nautical miles north of Nordkapp. The wreck was filmed by the Norwegian navy vessel KNM Tyr, and the recordings was later shown in a Norwegian TV documentary called "Brennpunkt".

Former names:

231,0 x 30,0 x 9,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
32700 grt
Wilhelmshaven ( D ) 1936 Bremen ( N )

72°31′N 28°15′E

Picture: Scharnhorst
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