SMS Schiff K


The steamship Kronprinz Wilhelm was built as a freighter, but before she was completed the First World war broke out, and the German navy requisitioned her. She was given two 105mm cannons and renamed Hilfsschiff K, or "Schiff K" for short, and put in service to protect the German trawler fleet in the North Sea. This was a vital task for Germanys food production, but also a primary target for Royal navy. On her way back to Germany 2.November 1917 she was attacked by a Britsh fleet who hunting for the fishing fleet in Kattegat. Within a few minutes she was under fire from the British warships and was soon sunk. After having sunk Hilfsschiff K, the British force managed to sink another eight trawlers, and today the wrecks of Frankfurt, Emmy, Julius Wieting, Frisia, Seeadler, Makrele, Sonne and Walter still rest in the deep. The remains of Schiff K rest today on a depth of 32 to 41 meter southeast of Anholt.

Former names:
SMS Schiff K
Kronprinz Wilhelm, Gratia, Marie 77,0 x 11,0 x 5,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1768 grt Stettin ( D ) 1914 Stettin ( D )

GPS (ED50): D.56:29,717 12:11,441

Picture: Kronprinz Wilhelm
Courtesy of Dyk