The steamer Sture was built by P.Larsson at Throshogs Varv in Gothenburg, and was launched in 1915. She entered service in the coastal route on Lake Vänern for the Swedish company Borgsvik AB in Säffle that same year. Under a journey from Slottbron to Gothenburg loaded with paper, she capsized and sank 16. November 1936. The wreck was found in the 1980's by sport divers on a depth of 25 to 28 meter almost completely intact outside Vänersnäs, 2,5 nautical miles northeast of Hindens light. Several items including the log book was later salvaged from the wreck.

Former names:

37,2 x 6,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
301 grt
Göteborg ( S ) 1915
Säffle ( S )

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