HNoMS Svenner


HMS Shark was laid down at Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Greenock, and was launched in June 1943.
She was loaned to the Norwegian Navy in March 1944, where she was renamed to HNoMS Svenner. Under Operation Overlord and the Allied invasion of France 6.June 1944, she participated in the naval part called Operation Neptun. Force D was assigned to support Sword Beach and the British landing there. German torpedo boats from 5.Torpedobootflotille stationed in Le Havre attacked and Svenner was hit two times midships. She exploded and broke in two parts and went down in a matter of seconds together with 33 men. The wreck was found in 2003 and the anchor was raised and can be seen today at Avenue Madame Coty in Hermanville Sur-Mer. The remains rest on a depth of 25 meter.

Former names:
HNoMS Svenner
G 03, HMS Shark
362,9 x 35,9 x 14,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2400 displ ( fully equipped )
Greenock ( UK ) 1943
( UK )

49° 28'N, 0° 15'W
( Souce: )

Picture: HNoMS Svenner in Scapa Flow
Courtesy of Norwegian Armed Forces

Last updated: June 2020