HMS Tarpoon


The British submarine HMS Tarpoon was built at Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Company in Greenock, and launched in October 1939. She was commissioned in March 19140, and the following months she was ordered to set sail for the North Sea and Norway. She left Portsmouth 5. April, and five days later given orders to head for another position. SHe was after that never heard from again. It is believed she attacked a German ship, and possibly was sunk by Schiff 40, but this has not been verified. The wreck was found in October 2016 by a diver outside the harbor in Thybor√łen in Denmark on a depth of 40 meter.

Former names:
HMS Tarpoon
N 17
275,0 x 26,6 x16,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1090 displ ( surfaced )
Greenock ( UK ) 1939
Rosyth ( UK )

Picture: HMS Thorn, T class submarine
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum, Public domain

Last updated: March 2019