SMS Thüringen


SMS Thüringen was laid down at A.G Weser in Bremen in November 1908, and was launched the following year. She was the third of a total of four dreadnought battleships built for the German imperial navy. She officially entered service in September 1911. During The Great War she participated in all major operations, including the battles in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. When Germany surrendered in 1918, she was not sailed to Scapa Flow like most other German vessels, but was allowed to stay in home waters. In April 1920 however, she was given to France as part of the war reparations, and sailed to Cherbourg. For a short time she was used as a target ship by the French navy, before she sank off Gavres in 1923. The wreck was sold that same year and was partially salvaged in situ outside Gavres in France until 1933. The remains of the wreck was gradually broken down by tidal waves, and the battered hull and wreck debris rest today close to shore on a depth of five to ten meters. right outside road D158 east of Gavres.

Former names:

551,8 x 94,1 x 29,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
22800 displ ( std )
Bremen ( D ) 1909
( F )

Picture: SMS Thüringen
Courtesy of Kaiserliche Marine DE

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