RMS Transylvania - F 56


EMS Transylvania was laid down at Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd in Glasgow in March 1925, and was launched the same year for the company Anchor Line Ltd in Glasgow. She served the route between the United Kingdom and America until the outbreak of world war two. In September 1939, she was requisitioned by the Admiralty in London, and refitted reassigned as an armed merchant cruiser, the F-56. The year after, she was torpedoed by the German Submarine U-56 under command of Oberleutnant Otto Harms 10.August 1940 northeast of Malin Head. She was disabled but still afloat, and was taken under tow, but after a few miles she capsized. Nearby trawlers rescued approx 300 people from the sinking ship. It is believed that 36 people died in the sinking. The wreck of RMS Transylvania rest today approx 25 nautical miles north of Tory Island on a depth of 130 meters.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
16923 displ
Glasgow ( UK ) 1925
London ( UK )

55° 50'N, 8° 03'W - Grid AM 5354
( Source: Uboat.net )

Picture: RMS Transylvania
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