Trifels was a cargo steamer laid down by J.C Tecklenborg in Geestemünde, and was launched in 1922 for Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts Gesellschaft Hansa.After the outbreak of World War Two she was captured by the French Navy in September 1939 and was put under French flag as Sainte Louise. After the German invasion of France in May 1940 she was taken back by the Germans and got her old name back. She was spotted and torpedoed 8. September 1941 by Royal Navy MTB 54 in the English Channel outside Dunkerque. The wreck rest today on a depth of 10 to 35 meter in open waters north of Dunkerque.

Former names:
Sainte Louise
137,3 x 17,2 x 8,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6182 grt
Geestemünde ( D ) 1922
Bremen ( D )

51°13'48.5"N 2°22'06.4"E

Last updated: March 2021