U 12


U12 was built at Kaiserliche Werft in Danzig and launched in May 1910. She was a type U9 class uboat and was quite advanced for her time. She was put in service for I.Flotille in 1911, and after the outbreak of world war one transferred to II.Flotille in 1915. She was put under command of Hans Kratzch and they sunk two ships before they themselves was sunk by HMS Attack and HMS Ariel outside the coast of Scotland 10.Mars 1915. The wreck of U 12 was found east of Dundee on a depth of 48 meter in January 2008.

Former names:
U 12

  57,4 x 6,0 x 3,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
493 displ ( surfaced ) Danzig ( D ) 1910 Zeebrügge ( B )

Picture: U 9, type U9 class uboat
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