V-209 Dr.Rudolph Wahrendorff


The steam trawler Dr Rudolph Wahrendorff was built in Wesermünde, and was launched in 1928. At the outbreak of Second Word War she was requisitioned by Kriegsmarine and put in service as a Vorpostenboot in F.d.V West and 2.Vorpostenboot Flotille in St. Malo. In a convoy outside Guernsey 3.July 1944 they were attacked by four British MTB`s. Two ships were sunk and another two damaged, including V-209. Later that same month she went down after being attacked by RAF airplanes 24.July 1944 in a convoy of three guard boats and three cargo ships. On their way out from Guernsey they were attacked by Grumman Avenger airplanes and V-209 and a German cargo ship are hit. She goes down soon after. The wreck was found in 1970 and much of the ammunition and cannons on board were removed. One of the guns are displayed today at the German Occupation Museum on Guernsey. In 2013 more ammunition was found on the wreck and removed. The wreck rest today on her keel on a depth of 25 to 30 meter outside the harbor in St. Peter, northeast of Castle Cornet.

Former names:
V 209
Dr Rudolph Wahrendorff
45,1 x 7,6 x 3,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
381 grt
Wesermünde ( DE ) 1928
St.Malo ( FR )

49° 27.382' N 002° 31.050' W
( Source: ULSAC )

Picture: V-209 Dr Rudolph Wahrendorff
Courtesy of Martin Körner
Last updated: August 2019