Vorpostenboot V-414 Sachenhausen


The trawler Sachenhausen was laid down at the wharf Deschimag AG in Seeback and launched in June 1939. After the outbreak of world war two she was requisitioned by Kriegsmarine. She did service as a supply vessel and was planned to participate in the German invasion of England, Operation Seelöwe in 1941. After this plan was scrapped, she got new tasks as a weather ship as Wetterbeobachtungsschiff 7. In September 1941 she again got new tasks, this time as a guard boat named Vorpostenboot V-414, and stationed in Bordeaux. 6.August 1944 she escorted a convoy when they were attacked by the British light cruiser HMS Bellona and four destroyers. They managed to sink six ships including V-414 and M 263. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 48 to 55 meter west of Ile De Noirmoutier.

Former names:
V-414 Sachenhausen
Sachenhausen, PC 318
206,2 x 16,6 x 14,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
650 grt
Seebeck ( D ) 1939
Bordeaux ( FR )

Last updated: January 2021