SMS V-83

Orkney Islands,Europe

V-83 was a German torpedo boat built at Vulkan AG in Hamburg, and was launched in June 1916. She participated in operations at Heliogoland and against British shipping during First World War as part of 7. Flotille. After the armistice in November 1918 she sailed to Scapa Flow together with the rest of the Hochseeflotte and was interned. In fear that the ships would be confiscated in the negotiations in Versaille, the German commander Ludwig Von Reuter decided to scuttle the whole fleet. 21.June 1919 the order was given, but British sailors managed to board some of the vessels and avoid them being sunk. V-83 was overtaken by British sailors and beached at Rysa Little. Salvage operations on the wreck finished in 1923 by the company Cox & Danks and today the battered remains of her rest on a depth of 8 to 15 meter.

Former names:

78,7 x 8,3 x 3,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
925 displ Hamburg ( DE)
( DE )

58.52 N 03.11.50 W

Picture: SMS V-43, a Großes torpedoboot 1913 class
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