HMS Vittoria

Russia,Baltic Sea

The destroyer HMS Vittoria was built by Swan & Hunter in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and launched in October 1917. She was after first world war converted to a mine layer and sent to the Baltic Sea to support the fight against the Bolsheviks in 1919. Outside the island Seskar she was torpedoed by the Russian submarine Pantera who participated on "The Reds" side 31.August 1919. The wreck was found in 2013 and rest today on a depth of 30 meter.

Former names:
HMS Vittoria
F 96
312,0 x 26,9 x 11,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1305 displ
Newcastle ( UK ) 1917
( UK )

Picture: HMS Vittoria in 1917
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