Vilhelm Krag


The Norwegian steamer Vilhelm Krag was sunk by the German uboat U-35 outside Portugal 24.April 1917. She was on a voyage from Genoa to Barry when she was stopped by the uboat, and the crew got time to abandon ship before Kapitänleutnant Lothar Von Arnauld de la Perière gave the order to sink her with their deck cannon. The remains of Vilhelm Krag rest today on a depth of 29 to 35 meter southwest of Ponta Da Piedade outside Lagos.

Former names:
Vilhelm Krag
Norpool, Etna, Cassiopeia 340,0 x 48,0 x 35,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3715 grt Newcastle ( UK ) 1899 Bergen ( N )

37° 03' N, 8° 44' W
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Picture: Cassiopeia
Stavanger Maritime Museum
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"U-35 was a German U 31-class U-boat which operated in the Mediterranean Sea during World War I. Her longest serving captain was Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, who is famous for scrupulous adherence to prize rules, allowing crews of enemy merchant ships to board their lifeboats and giving them directions to the nearest port before sinking their ships. Under his command, U-35 sank 195 ships, making him the most successful submarine commander in history"