HMAT Warilda


Warilda was built by William Beardmore & Co.Ltd and launched in December 1911 for the Australian company Adelaide Steamship Company. After the outbreak of world war one she was equipped as a troop transport and transported soldiers from Australia to Egypt and England from October 1915 to the summer 1916. She was then equipped as a hospital ship and under a journey 3. August 1918 from Le Havre to To England with wounded soldiers she was torpedoed by the German uboat UC-49 under command of Oberluetnant  Hans K√ľkenthal which knocked out the steering and flooded the engine room. She sank two hours later with 123 casualties. The wreck rest today on her starboard side on a depth of 42 to 55 meter approx 35 nautical miles south of Brighton in the English Channel.

Former names:
HMAT Warilda
Warilda, A 69
411,3 x 56,7 x 34,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7713 grt / 4477 nrt
Glasgow ( UK ) 1911
Adelaide ( AU )

Picture: HMS A69 Warilda
Australian War Memorial
,Public domain

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