Westfalen was built by J.C Tecklenborg in Geestemünde, and was launched in 1906 for NordDeutscher Lloyds. She was put in service in the route Germany - America until the First World War, and was then interned in Chile. She sat sail again in 1920, and in 1933 she was sold to Lufthansa AG. After the outbreak of World War Two she was requisitioned by the German Luftwaffe and used as a seaplane tender. Under a journey from Oslo to Germany loaded with soldiers and prisoners of war, she lost her convoy in roughs seas and ran into a Swedish mine field 7. September 1944. She soon hit two mines outside Gothenburg and disappeared in the deep with 150 people. Today she rest in two parts on a depth of 32 to 55 meter west of Rörö at Store Pölsens lighthouse.

Former names:

124,8 x 16,1 x 8,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5367 grt
Geestemünde ( D ) 1906
( D )

GPS (ED50) :57:46,813 11:27,431
( Source: Vragguiden )

Picture: Westfalen
Courtesy of Allan Jensen

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