Walter Leonhardt

Sweden,Baltic Sea

The steamship Pionier was built by Schiffwerke Henry Koch AG in Lübeck and launched in 1903 for the company Hanseatischer Lloyds. She was sold to Leonhardt & Blumberg in 1915 and renamed Walter Leonhardt. Outside Öland she was the first of a total of four ships hunted down and scuttled by the British submarine HMS E19 in Kalmar Strait 11.October 1915. The crew got time to abandon ship before she was scuttled at 11:15. The wreck was found in the early 1980s on a depth of 31 to 40 meter east of Stenshamn. Also see Gutrune, Direktor Reppenhagen and Nicomedia, all sunk on the same day by E19.

Former names:
Walter Leonhardt
74,7 x 10,9 x 4,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1261 grt
Lübeck ( D ) 1902
Hamburg ( D )

GPS (ED50): D.56:00,00,090 16:07,580
( Source: Vragguiden )

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