Wolf was a type 24 Raubiter class torpedo boat laid down at Reichmarinewerft in Wilhlemshaven in March 1927. She was launched in October1927, and entered service November the year after. Under Second World War she was part of 6.Torpedoflotte and the work consisted mostly of escort service and mine laying. 8. January 1941 Wolf was sent out on a mission to lay mines in the English channel outside Dover. On her way back to France, she hit a mine and sank. 45 men of the crew lost their lives. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 15 to 36 meter northwest of the city of Dunkirk.

Former names:

92,6 x 8,7 x 3,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1320 grt Wilhelmshaven ( D ) 1927 Dunkirk ( F )
51 05 N 02 08 E
( Source: French Divers )

Picture: Torpedoboot Wolf
Courtesy of Kriegsmarine DE, Public domain

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