Yakov Sverdlov - Яков Свердлов

Estonia,Baltic Sea

The Russian  destroyer Novik was laid down at Kirov Plant in St. Petersburg, and was launched in 1910 for the Russian Navy. She participated in First World War, and during the revolution in Russia in 1917 she chose the join the Bolshevik side. She was modernized in the 1930's and was renamed to Yakov Sverdlov. In Second World War she was sunk outside Talinn during evacuation of Soviet forces from the city. She ran into a mine and disappeared  in the deep 28. August 1941. The wreck was found by divers and identified in June  2018. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 70 meter outside Jaamunda

Former names:
Yakov Sverdlov - Яков Свердлов
102,1 x 9,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1597 grt
St. Petersburg ( RU ) 1910
St. Petersburg ( RU )

Picture: Novik in 1913
Courtesy of Imperial RU, Public domain

Last updated: April 2019