HMAS AE 2 was an E class submarine laid down at Vickers Armstrong in February 1912. She was launched in June 1933 for the Royal Australian Navy. She was commissioned in February 1914, and after the outbreak of the Great War, she took part in the invasion of the German colony in New Guinea. She was sent to the Mediterranean in early 1915, ans was assigned to participate in the Dardanelles campaign. She was the fist Entente vessel to enter the Sea of Marmara, and managed to sink one Turkish torpedo cruiser. After heroic efforts but also severe mechanical problems, she was scuttled
by her own crew 29. April 1915. The submarine disappeared in the deep, and Lieutenant Commander H. S. Stoker and his crew of Australian and British men ended as prisoners of war for the remainder of the war. The wreck of AE-2 was found in 1998, and rest today on her keel, partly buried in the sand on a depth of 72 meter northeast of Canakkale. Also see her sister ship HMAS AE-1 which was found in 2017 outside Papua New Guinea.

Former names:

55,2 x 6,9 x 3,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
599 displ ( surfaced ) Barrow in Furness ( UK ) 1913 Malta ( MT )

Picture: HMAS AE-2
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