The French submarine Ariane was laid down as an Amphitrite class submarine at Arsenal de Charborg in France, and was launched in September 1914. She had a very short career under the Great War, and was sunk the year after in the Mediterranean.  She was hit by two torpedoes from the German uboat UC-22 under command of Oberleutnant zur see Heino Von Heimburg 19.Juni 1917 outside Tunisia, with only eight survivors. The wreck was located in September 2020 standing on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 50 meter outside Cap Bon.

Former names:
Q 100
177,0 x 17,9 x 10,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
424 displ ( surfaced )
Cherborg ( F ) 1914
Marseilles ( F )

Picture:  Ariane
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