RM Armando Diaz


Armando Diaz was a Condottieri class light cruiser laid down by Odero Terni Orlando in La Spezia in July 1930. She was launched in July 1932 and commissioned the following year. She took part in The Spanish Civil War, and later in the Italian invasion of Albania. While protecting military convoy's to North Africa, she was spotted and torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Upright off the coast of Tripoli 25. February 1941. Her ammunition magazine exploded and she went down in a couple of minutes. The wreck rest today o her port side on a depth of 45 meter outside Kerkenah Bank.

Former names:
Armando Diaz

555,5 x 50,1 x 17,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5406 grt
La Spezia ( IT ) 1932
( IT )
34° 33′ 0″ N, 11° 45′ 0″ E

Picture: RM Armando Diaz
Courtesy of
State Library of Victoria, Public domain

Illustration: The wreck of RM Armando Diaz
Courtesy of
Les Épaves des côtes tunisiennes

Last updated: January 2021