B-17 G Flying Fortress


14.February 1944 the American airplane B-17 G "Baron" was hit by German Messerschmidt ME 109 during a bomb raid in Italy. "Baron" who was stationed in Foggia in Italy, decided to fly to Corsica after several of the engines had been knocked out by the enemy fighters, and make an emergency landing there. Unfortunately the landing strip was to short for big planes like this, and they had to land on the ocean instead. The wreck rest today on a depth of 25 meter, approx 200 meter from shore north of the citadel in the old town of Calvi.

Former names:
Boing B-17 G Flying Fortress

22,7 x 31,6 x 5,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
16,4 tons ( empty ) ( US ) ( US )

Picture: Boing B-17 Flying Fortress
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Underwater Video
Length: 74 ft 4 in (22.66 m), Wingspan: 103 ft 9 in (31.62 m)
Height: 19 ft 1 in (5.82 m), Wing area: 1,420 ft² (131.92 m²)
Empty weight: 36,135 lb (16,391 kg)