Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV


Outside the coast of Delimara, southeast of Malta, rest the wreck of a Blenheim Mk. IV bomber from Second World War in the deep. It is believed that she crashed 13. December 1941 after fighting over Greece where one of her engines was put out of action. She managed to fly back but had to do an emergency landing in the water. The wreck was found in 1965 and was first visited by divers in 1968. The age and souvenir scavenging from the wreck has made her deteriorate quickly, and the remains of her rest today half a nautical mile outside Marsaskala Bay on a depth of 38 to 42 meter.

Former names:
Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV

13,0 x 17,7 x 3,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4,4 tons ( empty ) Bristol ( UK )  ( UK )
35.8353° N 14.5747° E
( Source: Malta Dives )

Picture: Bristol Blenheim in 1941
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum, Public domain