FR Bouvet


Bouvet was a French dreadnought laid down by Charles Ernest Huin in Lorient in January 1893 and was launched in April 1886. She was commissioned two years later and had a quiet career until the outbreak of World War One. From August to November 1914 she escorted convoys transporting soldiers from North Africa to France. In the beginning of 1915 she was ordered to participate in the Dardanelles Operation against Turkey. 18. March 1915 she participated in bombarding Ottoman fortresses, and that same afternoon she hit a mine and sank within two minutes with the loss of 643 men. Newly found historical  pictures raise questions that it might have been Ottoman artillery and not a mine that was the cause, but this is debated. The wreck rest today in the narrows at Dardanelles on a depth of 48 to 60 meter southwest of Güzelyali.

Former names:
FR Bouvet

386,5 x 70,2 x 27,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
12007 displ Lorient ( F ) 1896  ( F )

40° 1′ 15″ N, 26° 16′ 30″ E
Picture: Bouvet at anchor in 1912
From Histoire illustrée de la guerre de 1914, Public domain
Last updated: June 2019