HMHS Brittanic


Britannic was the last of a total of three ships that Harland & Wolf built for White Star Line. She was completed in 1914, and was meant to service the transatlantic route between New York and Southampton. Because of the loss of her sister ship RMS Titanic, the construction of Britannic was delayed because of new safety installations. 26. February 1914 she was almost completed, and the plan was to put her in service in early 1915. But in August 1914 the Great War war started, and the Admiralty wanted Britannic as a hospital ship. She  was rebuilt and outfitted as a hospital ship, and was commissioned in December 1915. Under a journey to Salonika 21.November 1916 to pick up wounded soldiers from the Gallipolli front, she hit a mine and started to sink. The captain sat course towards shore to rescue her, but an hour later she disappeared in the deep with her bow first. The wreck was found by Jacques Cousteau in 1975 on a depth of 120 meter outside the island of Kea.

Former names:
HMHS Brittanic
852,0 x 94,0 x 48,16 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
48158 grt Belfast ( UK ) 1914 Liverpool ( UK )

37° 42′ 5″ N, 24° 17′ 2″ E

Pictures: HMHS Brittanic
By Allan Green, Public Domain