HMS Cricket


The gunboat HMS Cricket was built at Barclay Curle & Co Ltd in Glasgow and launched in December 1915 for Royal Navy. She did service in Mesopotamia under first world war, and in the Russian Civil War she participated as support for the British Intervention forces in 1919 to 1920. She was sent to China Station in 1923, and after the outbreak of world war two she was transferred to Alexandria. Under an Italian air attack from 9º Gruppo Caccia 12. July 1941 she was heavily damaged and declared a total loss. In June 1942 she was stripped for parts and weapons and towed to Cyprus. Here she was used as a training target for RAF pilots. The wreck of Cricket rest today upside-down on a depth of 25 to 32 meter outside Xylofagou in the bay of Larnaca.

Former names:
HMS Cricket
T 75
237,0 x 36,0 x 4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
645 displ
Glasgow ( UK ) 1915
( UK )

GPS (WGS84): 34 58′ N 33 49′ E
( Source: Proscuba Divers )

Picture: HMS Cicala, Insect class gunboat in 1938
Courtesy of Royal Navy

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