The steamer Livietta was laid down in Genoa and launched in 1899 for an Italian company in La Spezia. She was sold in 1925 and renamed Berta, and then again in 1939 when she received her last name as Entella. She was requisitioned by Regia Marina in Second World War as a military transport. Under a journey from Cagliari to La Maddelena in a convoy with the two other transports, the Isonzo and Loredan, she was attacked outside Sardinia by the British submarine HMS Safari 10. April 1943. She was hit by a torpedo but managed to stay afloat, and was beached near Torre Finocchia. The next day HMS Safari returned and sealed her fate with another two torpedoes. The wreck is today totally flattened out and wreck debris and parts of her rest on a depth of  approx 10 to 20 meters outside Torre Delle Stelle on Sardinia.

Former names:
Livietta, Berta
91,3 x 12m5 x 5,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2691 grt
Genoa ( IT ) 1899
Genoa ( IT )

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