RM Giuseppe Garibaldi

Croatia,Adriatic Sea

Giuseppe Garibaldi was the first armored cruiser in her class to be built, and was launched in June 1899 for Regia Marina, the Italian navy. She was put in service in 1901, and was used against the war against the Ottomans in 1911-1912 where she bombarded Tripoli. After Italy joined the Entente coalition in the first world war, Giuseppe was flagship for 5.Cruiser squadron in Brindisi. The squadron was ordered to bombard railroad lines and other targets at Dubrovnik, and in the morning 17.July 1915 just after the operation had started, she was hit by a torpedo. The torpedo was fired from the Austria-Hungarian submarine SM U-4 under command of Rudolf Singule. She sank a few minutes later together with 53 men of her crew. The wreck was found in the summer 2008 on a depth of 122 meter outside Radovcici.

Former names:
RM Giuseppe Garibaldi

366,1 x 59,9 x 23,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7350 grt
Genova ( IT ) 1899
Brindisi ( IT )

42°28.362′N 18°16.758′E

Picture: Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1904
Courtesy of Navypedia

Picture: Austrian-Hungary submarine SM U-4
Wikimedia, Public domain

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