Gaulois was a Charlemagne class dreadnought laid down by Arsenal de Brest in January 1896. She was launched nine months later an was commissioned in Jnaury 1899. At the outbreak of The Great War in 1914, she was assigned to escort troop transfers from North Africa to France. After completing maintenance on her gun towers, she was sent to the Mediterranean and participated in the bombardment of the Turkish forts at Gallipoli under the Dardanelles Campaign. It became clear that the operationshere didn't go as planned, and in January 1916 she covered the withdrawal of the Anzac troops.  On her way to support the Salonika front, escorted by a destroyer and two armed trawlers 27. December 1916, she was spotted and torpedoed by the German uboat UB-47. She disappeared in the deep thirty minutes later outside Cape Maleas. It is believed the wreck rest on a depth of 4-500 meter.

Former names:

386,2 x 66,6 x 27,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10361 displ Brest ( F ) 1896  ( F )

Official position: 36°15′N 23°42′E

Picture: Gaulois
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