Gaulois was at the outbreak of world war one assigned to escort troop transfers from North Africa to France. After completing maintenance on her gun towers, she was sent to the Mediterranean and participated in the bombardment of the Turkish forts at Gallipoli. It became clear that the operations at Gallipoli didn't go as planned, and in January 1916 she covered the withdrawal of troops. 27.December 1916 she was on her way to support the Salonika front, escorted by a destroyer and two armed trawlers. She was torpedoed by the German uboat UB-47 and thirty minutes later she capsized and sank outside Cape Maleas. Rumors from some doubtful dive operators in Turkey stated they have found the wreck of Gaulois. This is contrary to the official location and assumed depth at the position where she sank, which would be several hundred meters deep.

Former names:

386,2 x 66,6 x 27,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10361 displ Brest ( F ) 1896  ( F )

Official position: 36°15′N 23°42′E

Picture: Gaulois
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