HMS Goliath


HMS Goliath was part of the British Home Fleet at the outbreak of world war one, and did service as an escort when the British Expeditionary force were shipped over to Belgium in late August 1914. In 1915 she was assigned to support the operations at the Dardanelles and Gallipoli. She was attacked by the Turkish destroyer Muâvenet-i Millîye in Morto Bay 13.May and sank after being hit by three torpedoes. Of the crew 570 men perished. Today the wreck rest upside-down as is common with heavy warships, on a depth of 55 to 64 meter partly buried in Morto Bay.

Former names:
HMS Goliath

431,0 x 74,0 x 26,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14300 displ Kent ( UK ) 1898  ( UK )

40° 02' 22"N, 26° 12' 23"E
( Source: Kaanaltin )

Picture: HMS Goliath
Courtesy of Naval History
Underwater Video
Canopus class battleship. Laid down January 1897
Launched March 1898, commissioned March 1900.
The Canopus class was a group of six pre-dreadnought
 battleships built in the 1890s