HMS Irresistible


HMS Irresistible was laid down at Chatham Dockyard in April 1898, and launched 15.December 1898. After trials she was ready for duty in Royal Many in February 1902. She was put in service in 5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet. With a size of 14658 tons and a top speed of 18 knots, Irresistible posed a formidable force added to the navy. After the outbreak of first world war in 1914, the fighting on the western front had come to a standstill. The Entente looked for another theatre of war to break up the stalemate and their eyes fell on Germany`s allied, Turkey. In early February 1915 she was sent to the Dardanelle's to support the military invasion of Gallipoli. 18.February 1915 she participated in shelling the Turkish forts, and also gave artillery support to the infantry landings. 18.March 1915 when she was bombarding the Turkish forts again, she hit a mine and was heavily damaged. Attempts to rescue her were futile and she had to be abandoned. The wreck rest today on a depth of 38 to 60 meter near Dardanos.

Former names:
HMS Irresistible

431,9 x 75,0 x 26,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14658 displ Newcastle ( UK ) 1989  ( UK )

Picture: HMS Irresistible
The "War Illustrated" 1.May 1915
Underwater Video
"A part of the World War I, Gallipoli was the main concern to reach Russia. But it was a disaster for the allied. Almost 250 thousand soldiers lost their lives from both sides. This is the first documentary from Turkish film makers. Therefore it has Turkish point of view to introduce Gallipoli wars with a unique approach : ship wrecks of Gallipoli. The amazing siluets of the ships at the bottom of the sea"