Junker JU52 3M


Outside the island of Kea in Greece, a wreck of a German Junker 52 from the second world war was found in 2009. After work in archive material and surveys they found out the plane had belonged to the German Transport Geschwader 4 under command of Oberst Richard Kupshus. Due to fuel problems she was deliberately sunk 6.September 1943. The wreck rest today outside the harbor at St.Niccolo on Kea on a depth of 60 to 68 meter.

Former names:
Junker JU52 3M

29,2 x 18,9 x 4,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6,5 tons ( empty )
( D )
Athen ( GR  )

Pictures: Junker JU 52 & The wreck outside Kea Island
Courtesy of Luftwaffe Lovers & Kea Divers

Dimensions: Wing span: 29.25m (95 ft. 11½ in.)
Wing Surface Area: 1,189.45 sq. ft. (110.50m²)
Length: 18.9m (62 ft.), Height: 4.5m (14 ft. 9 in.)

Werks# 6590, Transport Geschwader 4, Athen

Last updated: August 2019