SMS Kaiser Franz Joseph I

Croatia,Adriatic Sea

Kaiser Franz Joseph was the first of two cruisers of the I class that were built for Austria-Hungarian navy. She was launched 18.May 1889 and put in service the year after. After the outbreak of world war one, her sister ship Kaiserin Elisabeth was lost in November 1914 in Asia, but Kaiser survived the war.. She participated in operations against Montenegro in January 1916 and was thereafter laid up in Bocce di Cattaro. After the war she was confiscated by France, and while she laid at anchor in Cattaro she sunk during a gale 17.October 1919. Salvaging was done on the wreck in the 1920 and 1960s, and today the remains rest on a depth of 25 to 45 meter outside Dubrovnik.

Former names:
SMS Kaiser Franz Joseph I
Kaiser Franz Joseph 340,3 x 48,5 x 18,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3967 displ ( std )
Trieste ( AH ) 1889
( AH )

Picture: SMS Kaiser Franz Joseph I
Courtesy of Naval History & Heritage Command
Last updated: September 2019