TCG Kocatepe


The American destroyer USS Harwood was built in San Pedro in USA and launched in May 1945. She did service for the US Navy in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Atlantic before she was sold to Turkey in December 1973 and renamed Kocatepe. Under Operation Attila, the first Turkish invasion of Cyprus in July 1974, she was attacked by her own airplanes. In the area she sailed, the Turkish air force had been told that anything in that area was to be considered hostile. 22.July 1974 she was attacked by friendly Lockheed F-104 planes. A bomb ignited the ammunition and she soon capsized and sank. 67 men perished. The wreck rest today outside Paphos southwest of Cyprus on a depth of 65 meter.

Former names:
TCG Kocatepe
USS Harwood, DD-861, D 354
390,6 x 40,1 x 14,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2425 displ
San Pedro (US ) 1945
( TR )

Picture: USS Harwood in 1945
Courtesy of Navsource

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