USS Leedstown


The steamer Santa Lucia was laid down at Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company in New Jersey, and was launched in 1933 She operated for Grace Line as an ocean liner. She was requisitioned by US Navy in August 1942 and refitted to an assault transport and renamed USS Leedstown. She was commissioned for US Navy in September 1942 and corrsed the Atlantic to participate in Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. After she had delivered troops in Alger 8. November 1942, she was attacked by German airplanes and damaged. The following day the damaged transport was spotted by the German U 331 under command of Kptlt. Hans Diedrich Freiherr von Tiesenhausen who sunk her with two torpedoes. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of approximately 20 to 30 meters approximately three nautical miles outside Cape Matifon.

Former names:
USS Leedstown
Santa Lucia, AP - 73
484,0 x 72,0 x 26 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
9135 displ ( std )
New Jersey ( US ) 1933
( US )

Picture: USS Leedstown
US National Archives Photo 19-N-34061, Public domain

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