Croatia,Adriatic Sea

The steamer Lina was built by Andrew & Company in Newcastle, and was launched in 1879 for the Spanish company Compania Anonima Vapores Vinuesa. In 1903 she was sold to French owners and ranmed Ville De Nemours. Four years later she was bought by Italian owners in Bari, and she got her original name back. Under a journey from Fiume to Catania loaded with wood, she was overtaken by a heavy storm in the Vela Vrata channel and hit ground 14.January 1914. She was quickly forced down by the rough seas, and disappeared in the deep. The wreck rest today standing on her keel as a magnificent Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 25 to 50 meter outside Cres island.

Former names:
Ville De Nemours
64,2 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1049 grt
Newcastle ( UK ) 1879
  Bari ( IT )

Last updated: January 2021