HMS Majestic


HMS Majestic was a Majestic class dreadnought battleship laid down at Portsmouth dockyard, and was launched in January 1895 for the Royal Navy. After the outbreak of the Great War, she acted as an escort and guard ship, before she was assigned to the Dardanelles Campaign against the Turks in 1915. She bombarded the Turkish positions at Gaba Tepe and had from the start participated in the Entente operations at the Dardanelle and Gallipoli. 27. May 1915 she was hit by two torpedoes from the German submarine U 21 under command of Otto Hersing and sank. Forty men lost their lives in the sinking. The wreck was looted and heavily salvaged in the 1960's, and the remains of her rest today on a depth of 18 to 25 meter in Morto Bay.

Former names:
HMS Majestic

421,0 x 75,0 x 27,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
16060 displ Portsmouth ( UK ) 1895  ( UK )

  40°02′30″ N 26°11′02″ E

Picture: HMS Majestic
Courtesy of Royal Navy, Public domain

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