HMS Manchester


HMS Manchester was a Town class light cruiser laid down by R & W Hawthorn Leslie Company in England in March 1936. She was launched in April the following year, and was commissioned in August 1938. She was assigned to the East Asia Squadron and operated as an escort after the outbreak of world war two. In December 1939 she returned to British waters and participated in the naval blockade against German.y She continued her service as a convoy escort and was damaged by German airplanes in the Mediterranean in July 1941. The repairs took almost a year and under Operation Pedestal in August 1942 she was attacked an hit by torpedoes from the Italian torpedo boats MAS 16 and MAS 22 outside Tunisia 13. August 1942. The crew soon after scuttled her, and today the wreck rest in the deep about four nautical miles east of Kelibia near Cape Bon on a depth of 80 to 85 meter.

Former names:
HMS Manchester
591,6 x 62.4 x 20,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
9600 displ ( std )
Hebburn ( UK ) 1937
( UK )

Picture: HMS Manchester
Courtesy of Dawes

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